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How to Hit Life's Curveballs & Stay in The Game with Colby Sharma EP 2

July 29, 2021 Ryan Allen Episode 2
Hey Ryan Podcast
How to Hit Life's Curveballs & Stay in The Game with Colby Sharma EP 2
Show Notes

Colby Sharma is here to discuss his new novel The Curveball, a story about changing fears into fuel and defeat into victory. Colby lets us in on his writing process and what it means to let go of what is holding you back.

Writing The Curveball was a challenging experience as Colby had to dive back into his past, but he was tremendously inspired to do it. Discovering he had a learning disability as a teenager was daunting, but enrolling in a dedicated school brought Colby a sense of community and strength. Sometimes, to learn something, you have to lose something. Letting go of ego can help you to grow.

Writing the book brought about feelings of imposter syndrome for Colby. Why should anyone listen to what a first-year law student has to say? Remember that we all have a story to tell and we can all use that story to uplift others. 

The main character of The Curveball is Bryce, a man dealing with escapism and Vice to numb his pain. He is struggling with AUD and mental health issues and has to re-learn pivotal lessons from those around him to get better. In 2020, so many people were dealing with escapism – Bryce is a character to inspire striving forward through adversity.

Colby explains what he learned in his law degree and why he moved away from it. Culture in the workplace is a huge factor, and it didn’t fit with his values. When it comes to motivation, Colby takes advantage of rituals to inspire movement such as journaling, meditation and running. All these things can be rituals that bring joy and purpose to life.

The world is full of curveballs, but with gratitude and perseverance, we can all learn to move through our internal adversity and come out stronger.


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